Ah yes, I should clarify.  What I should have said was an ORM type library which uses cassandra-cql as it's base.  What I was looking for was someone that had wrapped cassandra-cql with an active record or data mapper compatibility layer.  

My concern is that it i'm looking for a ruby client that I can base a bunch of code around for the next couple years.  I didn't want to hop on one bandwagon and then have myself limited or run into compatibility issues as new releases of C* come out.   As I understand it CQL was created to provide that stable interface for library developers.  If that is true it would make sense for me to search out an ORM which uses CQL underneath?

Basically what I'm trying to do is validate these assumptions, and if they are true possibly finance the work for a CQL based ORM, or if not then write a bunch of code around one of the other libraries.

Until then I'll search out the resources you mentioned.  Thanks.

On Dec 5, 2011, at 6:17 AM, Robert Jackson wrote:

There already is a great CQL ruby client[1].  It is hosted in apache-extras on Google Code [2].  A little while back I did a simple comparison between the cassandra-cql client and the twitter(formerly fauna) cassandra client[3]. Rick Olson then made another quick comparison amongst twitter/cassandra, cassandra-cql, and pycassa (Python client)[4].  In both sets of tests the cassandra-cql client came out doing quite well.