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From Ethan Rowe <>
Subject Monitoring move progress
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 04:07:32 GMT
I've got some nodes in a "moving" state in a cluster (the nodes to which
they stream shouldn't overlap), and I'm finding it difficult to determine
if they're actually doing anything related to the move at this point, or if
they're stuck in the state and not actually doing anything.

In each case, I issued the move command per usual.

The log shows information about the move when it begins, showing the
correct token change that I would expect in each case.

Compactions took place on each moving node, which can be viewed through
"nodetool compactionstats" or through the CompactionManager in JMX.

But eventually the compactions stopped, apart from various ongoing
secondary index rebuilds and consequent related index compactions.  Yet I
see no stream transfers via netstats.  My expectation is that after the
compactions (which the project wiki refers to as "anti-compactions"), I
would start to see outbound streaming activity in netstats.  Yet I do not.

I don't see any errors listed in the logs on the moving servers since the
moves began.

Using cassandra 1.0.5.  ByteOrderedPartitioner.

Any suggestions on how to determine what's going on?

Thanks in advance.
- Ethan

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