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From Scott Lewis <>
Subject Re: column family names
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 20:33:00 GMT
Hi Edward,

Thanks...although it looks from CASSANDRA-1377 comments that perhaps the 
reserved characters in CF and keyspace names haven't been decided yet?  
If it hasn't been decided yet I would suggest making it as relaxed as 
possible (allowing '.' in addition to '-' and perhaps others...if 
possible)...and then having some minimal docs on the 
addition to the source...just so that users can easily comply with the 
restrictions.  I'll agree to help with the docs if things are decided.



On 12/29/2011 9:41 AM, Edward Capriolo wrote:
> Use the source :)
> [edward@ec cas-trunk]$ grep regex ./*
> ./build.xml:<ignore regex="org.apache.log4j.*"/>
> ./build.xml:<containsregexp expression="^0 Unknown Licenses"/>
> ./build.xml:<regexpmapper from="^.*/([^/]+)$$" to="\1" handledirsep="yes" />
> ./CHANGES.txt:   matches a '^\w+' regex. (CASSANDRA-1377)
> ./NEWS.txt:       to the '^\w+' regex convention.
> ./NEWS.txt:	- Keyspace and column family names that do not confirm to
> a '^\w+' regex
>   * disallow invalid keyspace and column family names. This includes name that
>     matches a '^\w+' regex. (CASSANDRA-1377)
> On 12/29/11, Scott Lewis<>  wrote:
>> I've noticed when creating column families that the name of the column
>> family apparently has some restrictions...e.g. the presence of a '.'
>> character in the column family name seems to throw an exception.  Is
>> there anywhere articulated the restrictions on column family names (and
>> keyspace names...if there are any such restrictions).  If so, where?
>> Thanksinadvance,
>> Scott

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