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From Radim Kolar <>
Subject Re: Newbie question about writer/reader consistency
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2011 18:01:02 GMT
 > But is there any way of implementing minimum required ACID subset on 
top of Cassandra?

try this, its nosql ACID compliant. I haven't tested this, it will have 
most likely pretty slow writes and lot of bugs like any other oracle 
this is acid nosql too, google yourself a bit

> DB2&  Oracle might get very expensive here.. We use some Oracle here,
> but for this solution we'd need RAC&  partitioning for sure, and that's
> just for a start, it's still unclear if it will be able to scale in the
> future; as for DB2, while I haven't checked prices, it's probably not
> something cheap either, and limitations of free versions simply don't
> cut here.
DB2 is bit cheaper because some oracle features like partitioning are 
included in base price for enterprise edition. You can try postgresql, 
it has table partitioning too. You must understand that cluster 
processing large datasets in ACID compliant mode is slow and expensive. 
If you do not need to split data between multiple computers then use 
object databases like , db4o they are usually acid 
compliant, BerkeleyDB is acid compliant too.

> but then some way to ensure that at least data which is
> N seconds old really *IS* consistent no matter what, by the help of some
> mechanism.
don't reinvent wheel. if you need isolation and atomicity, then use 
database engine which supports it.

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