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From Radim Kolar <>
Subject Re: better anti OOM
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2011 23:35:48 GMT
I suggest you describe exactly what the problem is you have and why you 
think stopping compaction/repair is the appropriate solution.

compacting 41.7 GB CF with about 200 millions rows adds - 600 MB to 
heap, node logs messages like:

  WARN [ScheduledTasks:1] 2011-12-27 00:20:57,972 (line 
146) Heap is 0.9712791382159731 full.  You may need to reduce memtable 
and/or cache sizes.  Cassandra will now flush up to the two largest 
memtables to free up memory.  Adjust flush_largest_memtables_at 
threshold in cassandra.yaml if you don't want Cassandra to do this 
  INFO [ScheduledTasks:1] 2011-12-27 00:21:12,362 
(line 2608) Unable to reduce heap usage since there are no dirty column 

And its pretty dead, killing compaction will make it alive again.

After node boot
Heap Memory (MB) : 1157.98 / 1985.00

disabled gossip + thrift, only compaction running
Heap Memory (MB) : 1981.00 / 1985.00

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