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From Wojtek Kulik <>
Subject a query that's killing cassandra
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 12:53:32 GMT
Hello everyone!

I have a strange problem with Cassandra (v1.0.5, one node, 8GB, 2xCPU): 
a query asking for each key from a certain (super) CF results in timeout 
and almost dead cassandra after that (it's somewhat alive, but does not 
return any data - has to be restarted).

CF details:
                 Column Family: ************
                 SSTable count: 11
                 Space used (live): 4254606435
                 Space used (total): 4254606435
                 Number of Keys (estimate): 1408
                 Memtable Columns Count: 26923
                 Memtable Data Size: 25420941
                 Memtable Switch Count: 16
                 Read Count: 0
                 Read Latency: NaN ms.
                 Write Count: 39649
                 Write Latency: 0.032 ms.
                 Pending Tasks: 0
                 Bloom Filter False Postives: 0
                 Bloom Filter False Ratio: 0.00000
                 Bloom Filter Space Used: 30416
                 Key cache capacity: 24
                 Key cache size: 24
                 Key cache hit rate: NaN
                 Row cache: disabled
                 Compacted row minimum size: 125
                 Compacted row maximum size: 1155149911
                 Compacted row mean size: 38855255

Nothing suspicious in the logs. The problem is fully replicable.
I've spent some time searching for similar issues - haven't found any.

Are there any debug options I could turn on to find out more? Other 

Thanks in advance,

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