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From blafrisch <>
Subject Re: Schema disagreement in 1.0.2
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 00:06:13 GMT
So I was able to get the schema agreeing on the two bad nodes, but I don't
particularly like the way that I did it.  One at a time, I shut them down,
removed Schema* and Migration*, then copied over Schema* from another
working node.  They then started up with the correct schema.  Did I do
something totally incorrect in doing that?

Also, some of my nodes are reporting that others are unreachable via the CLI
when executing "describe cluster;".  Not all of the nodes do this, about
7/10 are perfectly fine.  I tried restarting each of the nodes that say
others are unreachable, when they came back up then their unreachable list
had changed. Nodetool gossipinfo describes everything perfectly fine as does
nodetool ring.

The topology of the cluster is 2 datacenters, 5 servers each of with a RF of
3.  Only one datacenter seems to have this issue.

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