Yes that would be pretty nice feature to see!

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Thanks so much SebWajam  for this great piece of work!

Is there a way to set a data type for displaying the column names/ values of a CF ? It seems that your project always uses String Serializer for any piece of data however most of the times in real world cases this is not true so can we anyhow configure what serializer to use while reading the data so that the data may be properly identified by your project & delivered in a readable format ?

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I'm working on this project for a few months now and I think it's mature enough to post it here:

Cassandra Cluster Admin on GitHub

Basically, it's a GUI for Cassandra. If you're like me and used MySQL for a while (and still using it!), you get used to phpMyAdmin and its simple and easy to use user interface. I thought it would be nice to have a similar tool for Cassandra and I couldn't find any, so I build my own!

Supported actions:

  • Keyspace manipulation (add/edit/drop)
  • Column Family manipulation (add/edit/truncate/drop)
  • Row manipulation on column family and super column family (insert/edit/remove)
  • Basic data browser to navigate in the data of a column family (seems to be the favorite feature so far)
  • Support Cassandra 0.8+ atomic counters
  • Support management of multiple Cassandra clusters

Bug report and/or pull request are always welcome!

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