It should be dead-simple to build a slick GUI on the REST layer. (@Virgil)

I had planned to crank one out this week (using ExtJS) that mimicked the Squirrel/Toad look and feel.  The UI would have a tree-panel of keyspaces and column families on the left. Then the main panel would be partitioned into two.  The top of the main panel would would allow a user to type in CQL/Pig, etc.  The bottom of the main panel would show the data contained in the column family / result set.  Any other thoughts on design before I get started?

If we build this based on the JSON/REST interface, it should be pretty easy to embed in other applications.


On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 2:36 PM, Ian Danforth <> wrote:

Wish list: A decent GUI to explore data kept in Cassandra would be much valuable. It should also be extendable to
provide viewers for custom data.

+1 to that.

@jonathan - This is what google moderator is really good at. Perhaps start one and move the idea creation / voting there.

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