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From Aaron Turner <>
Subject Re: Second Cassandra users survey
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:29:27 GMT
Lately I've been working on some data processing code in Cassandra and
apparently I don't write bug-free code the very first time. :)  Hence,
while debugging, I often need to look at data in Cassandra to see what
my code is doing/should be finding, etc. This turns out to be harder
then it should be IMHO.

Anyways, what I'd like is a more powerful cqlsh or similar tool which can:

1. List the rows in a CF (no column data), optionally within a given
range of keys
2. Count the number of columns in a row and within a range of values
for that row
3. Return only the column names for a given row (no values)
4. Support CentOS 5 (currently uses python 2.4, but cqlsh-1.0.5
requires >= 2.5.  1.0.3 worked fine on 2.4)
5. Support some basic transformations of data:
  * return up to the first X bytes of a given value
  * return length of value in bytes instead of value
6. Alternatively print data in the format of something like this to
make it easier to read:

\tname = value
\tname = value


7. For BytesType provide an option to print values all values in hex.
Ie: no mixed ASCII + \x encoding.  Just 0x0a3b...

Frankly, I know some of this isn't efficient for the server to do, but
the client could do that.  I really don't care too much about
performance since this is a debugging/diagnostics tool.

Aaron Turner         Twitter: @synfinatic - Pcap editing and replay tools for Unix & Windows
Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    -- Benjamin Franklin
"carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"

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