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Also, EBS volumes can be attached, but the performance issues cause other issues when running a healthy cluster. From experience running clusters on EBS volumes bring their own set of unique problems and are harder to debug.

Here's a quick link that provides a bit more background information on why it's not the best fit for Cassandra.

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2011/10/4 Yi Yang <i@iyyang.com>
AFAIK it's around 450G per ephemeral disk.
BTW randomly you can get high performance EBS drives as well. Performance are good for DB but are random in IOps.
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it seems that how many virtual disks you can have is fixed:

on m2.4xlarge you have 2 disks, while on m2.2xlarge you have only 1,
so I can't setup a raid0 on m2.2xlarge

am I correct?


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