At the moment we are only prototyping so we haven't bridged the two at all. We had planned on creating a write-through operation that allowed us to filter the calls (AOP perhaps?) to manage the indexing as we stored it in Cassandra.

We are still trying to work out if we go the elastic search route or not as DataStax will be releasing DataStax Enterprise 2.0 early next year with Solr built in and as you said the index schemas seem to be difficult to deal with - I really don't want to have to configure Solr, the no schema approach sounds much faster to get up and running.


On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 6:14 AM, Brian O'Neill <> wrote:

We've been looking at elastic search as well.  Presently we have SOLR in place, but it is cumbersome dealing with SOLR schemas when indexing information out of Cassandra (since you can't anticipate all the columns ahead of time). 

What are you using as your bridge between Cassandra and ES?  Are you developing a Cassandra river?


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 5:29 PM, Anthony Ikeda <> wrote:
I've already posted to the elasticsearch groups and thought it prudent to also ask here.

We are looking at using elastic search to index our data that we currently store to Cassandra. I was wondering if there are any concerns running elastic search on the same nodes that we use for Cassandra? We have a ring of 6 nodes (2 DCs each with 3 nodes) I was thinking of installing elastic search on 2 nodes in each datacentre - maybe all three. The only reason I'd use the same infrastructure would be because we have the distributed visibility already in place.

Has anyone else taken this approach? Pros? Cons?


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