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From Eric Czech <>
Subject Re: Schema versions reflect schemas on unwanted nodes
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 05:59:47 GMT
Not sure if anyone has seen this before but it's really killing me right
now.  Perhaps that was too long of a description of the issue so here's a
more succinct question -- How do I remove nodes associated with a cluster
that contain no data and have no reason to be associated with the cluster

My last resort here is to stop cassandra (after recording all tokens for
each node), set the initial token for each node in the cluster in
cassandra.yaml, manually delete the LocationInfo* sstables in the system
keyspace, and then restart.  I'm hoping there's a simpler, less seemingly
risky way to do this so please, please let me know if that's true!

Thanks again.

- Eric

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 11:55 AM, Eric Czech <> wrote:

> Hi, I'm having what I think is a fairly uncommon schema issue --
> My situation is that I had a cluster with 10 nodes and a consistent schema.
>  Then, in an experiment to setup a second cluster with the same information
> (by copying the raw sstables), I left the LocationInfo* sstables in the
> system keyspace in the new cluster and after starting the second cluster, I
> realized that the two clusters were discovering each other when they
> shouldn't have been.  Since then, I changed the cluster name for the second
> cluster and made sure to delete the LocationInfo* sstables before starting
> it and the two clusters are now operating independent of one another for the
> most part.  The only remaining connection between the two seems to be that
> the first cluster is still maintaining references to nodes in the second
> cluster in the schema versions despite those nodes not actually being part
> of the ring.
> Here's what my "describe cluster" looks like on the original cluster:
> Cluster Information:
>    Snitch: org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleSnitch
>    Partitioner: org.apache.cassandra.dht.RandomPartitioner
>    Schema versions:
> 48971cb0-e9ff-11e0-0000-eb9eab7d90bf: [<INTENTIONAL_IP1>,
>  848bcfc0-eddf-11e0-0000-8a3bb58f08ff: [<NOT_INTENTIONAL_IP1>,
> The second cluster, however, contains no schema versions involving nodes
> from the first cluster.
> My question then is, how can I remove those schema versions from the
> original cluster that are associated with the unwanted nodes from the second
> cluster?  Is there any way to remove or evict an IP from a cluster instead
> of just a token?
> Thanks in advance!
> - Eric

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