I'm trying to import data from one Cassandra cluster to another.  The old cluster is using ports 7000 and 9160 and the new cluster is using 7001 and 9161.  I ran "nodetool -h localhost snapshot" on a node on the old cluster.  I then downloaded apache-cassandra-0.8.4-bin.tar.gz, edited conf/cassandra.yaml appropriately for the new cluster, exported CASSANDRA_INCLUDE=bin/cassandra.sh.in (so it doesn't try to use the installed, running Cassandra).

When I run sstableloader, I can see that it's connecting to the new cluster (by tailing the logs), but after a few seconds, it gives the error: "Got an unknow host from describe_ring"

After banging my head for a while, I scp'ed the snapshotted data to a node on the *new* cluster.  I again downloaded apache-cassandra-0.8.4-bin.tar.gz and configured cassandra.yaml there appropriately (with listen_address: so as to not conflict with the Cassandra already running on the node).

Running sstableloader resulted in the same error.

"nodetool -h localhost ring" shows a healthy cluster.  Running that command works both locally and remotely.  I can connect to the cluster using cassandra-cli both locally and remotely as well.

Any ideas?  Thanks for the help.