On the sstableloader config, make sure you have the seed set and rpc_address and rpc_port pointing to your cassandra instance ( 

2011/9/23 Thamizh <tcegrid@yahoo.co.in>
Hi All,

I am using bulk-loading to upload data(from lab02) to multi-node cluster of 3 machines(lab02,lab03 & lab04) with sigle ethernet card. I have created SSTable instance on lab02 by duplicating look back address( sudo ifconfig lo:2 netmask up; ) "" as rpc and storage address. Here 'sstableloader' ended up with below error message,

Starting client (and waiting 30 seconds for gossip) ...
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot load any sstable, no live member found in the cluster

Here, in my case, Does lab02 machine should have 2 ethernet card(one for cassandra original instance and another for 'sstableloader') ?