We seem to be having issues with out Consistency policies. We have it configured in Spring using the following:

    <bean id="consistencyLevelPolicy" class="me.prettyprint.cassandra.model.ConfigurableConsistencyLevel">

    <property name="defaultReadConsistencyLevel" value="LOCAL_QUORUM"/>

    <property name="defaultWriteConsistencyLevel" value="LOCAL_QUORUM"/>



    <bean id="keyspaceOperator" class="me.prettyprint.hector.api.factory.HFactory" factory-method="createKeyspace">

        <constructor-arg value="RegistryFoundation"/>

        <constructor-arg ref="cluster"/>

        <constructor-arg ref="consistencyLevelPolicy"/>


However, in our distributed testing, bringing down a single node will cause the 'May not be enough replicas present to handle consistency level' error

I wanted to create a test to load the Spring config (above) and find out what the consistency level is set to but there do not appear to be any accessor methods to discover the value. Is there a way to output the Consistency level to make sure that what we have configured is what is actually being used?