My Column name is of Composite(TimeUUIDType, UTF8Type) and I can query across the TimeUUIDs correctly, but now I want to also range across the UTF8 component. Is this possible?

UUID start = uuidForDate(new Date(1979, 1, 1));

UUID end = uuidForDate(new Date(Long.MAX_VALUE));

String startState = "";

String endState = "";

if (desiredState != null) {

    mLog.debug("Restricting state to [" + desiredState.getValue() + "]");

    startState = desiredState.getValue();

    endState = desiredState.getValue().concat("_");



Composite startComp = new Composite(start, startState);

Composite endComp = new Composite(end, endState);

query.setRange(startComp, endComp, true, count);

So far I'm not seeing any effect setting my "endState" String value.