Hi everybody, 

I'm running cassandra 0.7.5 on about 20 RHEL 5 (24 GB RAM) machines and I'm having issues with snapshots, json sstable conversions, and various nodetool commands due to memory errors and the lack of the native access C libraries.  I tried putting jna.jar on the classpath but I'm still seeing warnings in the log files like "CLibrary.java (line 65) Unable to link C library. Native methods will be disabled.".  Based on this warning, It looks like the .jar file is actually on the classpath but the native access libraries still aren't being used.

Does anyone know why I might be seeing this?  It's not a huge detriment to our day-to-day operations but our backup strategy and BI strategy is largely dependent on the ability to reliably create snapshots and make json conversions so this is a big roadblock at the moment.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!