Hi All

I have indexed a number of columns in a ROW, ie 25 colums, to perform Indexed_slice queries.

If I am not mistaken, there is some limit to the number of indexes one may create per row/keyspace?

I am trying to get up to 6000 columns indexed, per row, in 2.5 million rows.

So I will be looking at 6000 x 2.5million indexes. Yep, that's 6,250,000 indexes.

Would that be tantamount to an atomic bomb riding full speed out of my test server?

I have read the strategies of building Column families as indexes. I find it quite helpful,
and a good solution for indexing. But can the above scenario ever be achieved? (haven't
had time to try that yet).

Regards to ALL!
Renato da Silveira
Senior Developer