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From Sanjeev Kulkarni <>
Subject get_range_slices efficiency question
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 17:20:38 GMT
Hey guys,
We are designing our data model for our app and this question came up.
Lets say that I have a large number of rows(say 1M). And just one column
Each row contains either columns (A, B, C) or (X, Y, Z). I want to run a
get_range_slices query to fetch columns (A, B, C).
Does cassandra actually iterate over all 1M rows, and pass me half of them
which contain (A, B, C). Or somehow magically it iterates over only half
million rows containing (A, B, C). The latter case should run twice as fast
as former since it avoids iterating half the data.
Thanks in advance!

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