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From Sajith Kariyawasam <>
Subject Cassandra yaml configuration
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 04:53:09 GMT
Hi all,

Im refering to the book authored by Eben Hewitt, named Cassandra The
Definitive Guide

There, in the Sample Application chapter (Chapter 4), example 4.1, a sample
schema is given in a file named "cassandra.yaml". (I have mentioned it

I'm using Cassandra 0.8.6 version.

My question is that, whether the given format of the file is correct? if so,
where i have to mention in the cassandra configuration to load this yaml
because the format of the sample schema  comes with Cassandra
(conf/schema-sample.txt) is bit different from the sample given in the book.

*Schema definition in cassandra.yaml*
*- name: Hotelier*
*replication_factor: 1*
*- name: Hotel*
*compare_with: UTF8Type*
*- name: HotelByCity*
*compare_with: UTF8Type*
*- name: Guest*
*compare_with: BytesType*
*- name: Reservation*
*compare_with: TimeUUIDType*
*- name: PointOfInterest*
*column_type: Super*
*compare_with: UTF8Type*
*compare_subcolumns_with: UTF8Type*
*- name: Room*
*compare_with: BytesType*
*compare_subcolumns_with: BytesType*
*- name: RoomAvailability*
*column_type: Super*
*compare_with: BytesType*
*compare_subcolumns_with: BytesType*

Best Regards

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