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From Brandon Williams <>
Subject Re: Nodetool removetoken taking days to run.
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 22:55:20 GMT
On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 4:25 PM, Ryan Hadley <> wrote:
> Hi Brandon,
> Thanks for the reply. Quick question though:
> 1. We write all data to this ring with a TTL of 30 days
> 2. This node hasn't been in the ring for at least 90 days, more like 120 days since it's
been in the ring.
> So, if I nodetool removetoken forced it, would I still have to be concerned about running
a repair?

There have probably been some writes that thought that node was part
of the replica set, so you may still be missing a replica in that
regard.  If you're only holding the data for 30 days though, it might
not be worth the trouble of repairing and instead bet that not all of
the live replicas will die in the next month.

> Also, after this node is removed, I'm going to rebalance with nodetool move. Would that
remove the repair requirement too?

If you intend to replace the node, it's better to bootstrap the new
node at the dead node's token minus one, and then do the removetoken
force.  This would actually obviate the need to repair (except for one
key, you can move the node to the old token once it has been removed)
assuming that your consistency level was greater than ONE for writes,
or your clients always replayed any failures. This holds true for
moving to the old token as well.


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