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From Ron Siemens <>
Subject ColumnFamily per Index?
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 21:28:09 GMT

I have a column family for my main data, and I have been using an additional column family
to store indexes to the data: row per index style.

I now want to be able to update a set of indexes by the field being indexed on.  To access
that set, I can maintain meta indexes for each field, or I can switch from RP to OPP and do
range queries on field-prefixed index names.  Both options seem less than ideal.  The first
is annoying extra maintenance, and the second means I may open a can of worms with load-balancing.

I concluded another option might be better with neither of those drawbacks.  I can just create
a ColumnFamily per field being indexed.  I can now easily access and update the indexes for
a particular field.

I'm wondering if anyone has also contemplated this Column-Family-per-Index-Field option or
is using it, and has any thoughts or critique regarding it.

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