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From Mck <>
Subject Task's map reading more record than CFIF's inputSplitSize
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:35:18 GMT
Cassandra-0.8.4 w/ ByteOrderedPartitioner

CFIF's inputSplitSize=196608

3 map tasks (from 4013) is still running after read 25 million rows.

Can this be a bug in StorageService.getSplits(..) ?

With this data I've had general headache with using tokens that are
longer than usual (and trying to move nodes around to balance the ring).

 nodetool ring gives
Address         Status State   Load            Owns    Token                             
                                                       Token(bytes[76118303760208547436305468318170713656])   Up     Normal  270.46 GB       33.33%  Token(bytes[30303030303031333131313739353337303038d4e7f72db2ed11e09d7c68b59973a5d8])   Up     Normal  247.89 GB       33.33%  Token(bytes[303030303030313331323631393735313231381778518cc00711e0acb968b59973a5d8])   Up     Normal  1.1 TB          33.33%  Token(bytes[76118303760208547436305468318170713656])


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