Okay, we are looking at setting up a production environment which means getting our quorum settings and strategies correct. However, we need to really understand the approach taken to get this right. So far we have been working with co-located nodes and our prod environment is going to be distributed across 2 DCs.

Our setup:
Dev = 2 nodes, SimpleStrategy, RF=1
QA = 3 nodes, SimpleStrategy, RF=2
Prod = 2 DC's (3 nodes each), NetworkTopologyStrategy, RF=3

For the Dev and QA environment we have been using ConsistencyPolicy of ONE for reads and the default for writes

For Prod I'm guessing we will be using a ConsistencyPolicy of LOCAL_QUORUM for both reads and writes.

Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it:

The Dev and QA environment can only use ConsistencyLevel of ONE or QUORUM. LOCAL_QUORUM cannot be used - well we've seen an exception stating LOCAL_QUORUM cannot be used with SimpleStrategy.

The Prod environment should be able to use all ConsistencyPolicy's, however, we would have: