Hi Jeremiah,

Thank you for the information - it certainly is a relief.  Two questions though:

1. I came across an old thread which seemed to be saying 0.7.0 cassandra has a bug and doesn't remove these compact files properly.  Should we upgrade to a newer version that has this bug fixed?

2. Do we must do the garbage collection via Jconsole manually?  Is there anyway I can force the GC in our code? (we are using Hector as our java client).


On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Jeremiah Jordan <jeremiah.jordan@morningstar.com> wrote:
Connect with jconsole and run garbage collection.
All of the files that have a -Compacted with the same name will get
deleted the next time a full garbage collection runs, or when the node
is restarted.  They have already been combined into new files, the old
ones just haven't been deleted yet.

On Tue, 2011-08-02 at 16:09 -0400, Yiming Sun wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to Cassandra, and am hoping someone could help me understand
> the (large amount of small) data files on disk that Cassandra
> generates.
> The reason we are using Cassandra is because we are dealing with
> thousands to millions of small text files on disk, so we are
> experimenting with Cassandra hoping that by dropping the files
> contents into Cassandra, it will achieve more efficient disk usage
> because Cassandra is going to aggregate them into bigger files (one
> file per column family, according to the wiki).
> But after we pushed a subset of the files into a single node Cassandra
> v0.7.0 instance, we noted that in the Cassandra data directory for the
> keyspace, there are 8.5 million very small files, most are named
>     <SuperColumnFamilyName>-e-<nnnnn>.Filter.db
>     <SuperColumnFamilyName>-e-<nnnnn>.Compacted.db
>     <SuperColumnFamilyName>-e-<nnnnn>.Index.db
>     <SuperColumnFamilyName>-e-<nnnnn>.Statistics.db
> and among these files, the Compacted.db are always empty,  Filter and
> Index are under 100 bytes, and Statistics are around 4k.
> What are these files? Why are there so many of them?  We originally
> hope that Cassandra was going to solve our issue with the small files
> we have, but now it doesn't seem to help -- we still end up with tons
> of small files.   Is there any way to reduce/combine these small
> files?
> Thanks.
> -- Y.