We simply copy the snapshot data to another cluster to replace its data directory. This cluster does not have any incoming traffic.

I haven't compared the md5 sum yet. Will try that.



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We have an old production Cassandra 0.6.8 instance without replica, i.e., the replication factor is 1. Recently, we noticed that
the snapshot data we took from this instance are inconsistent with the running instance data. For example, we took snapshot
in early July 2011. From the running instance, we got a record that was created in March 2011, but on the snapshot copy, the
record with the same key was different and was created in January 2011. Yesterday, we created another snapshot and reproduced
the problem. I just like to know if this is a known issue for Cassandra 0.6.

Do you see any difference between the sstables of running instance and the snapshot?  You can use md5sum to compare them.

How do you load the snapshot to another cluster?

We are going to migrate to Cassandra 0.8, but we need to make sure this will not be a problem in 0.8.

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