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From Anand Somani <>
Subject Re: Re: Urgent:!! Re: Need to maintenance on a cassandra node, are there problems with this process
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2011 21:56:50 GMT
Thanks for the help, this seems to have worked. Except that while adding the
new node we added the same token to a different IP (operational script
goofup) and brought the node up, so now the other nodes just had the message
that a new IP had taken over the token.

   - So we brought it down and fixed it and it all came up fine.
   - ran removetoken did not finish
   - so ran removetoken force, that seemed to work
   - Cleaned up the nodes
   - Everything from the ring perspective appeared ok on all nodes
      - except for this error message (which based on some thread it seemed
      would go away) reported in this thread =>
      - So I restarted this one node that was complaining (this was not the
   node that was replaced)
   - But once this node was restarted, the ring command on it showed the old
   single token IP (the one we removed).
   - So I am running the removetoken again , been running for about 2-3
   hours now.....

the ring shows

113427455640312821154458202477256070485   Up     Normal  829.73 GB       33.33%
0   Up     Normal  576.09 GB       33.33%
56713727820156410577229101238628035241   Down   Leaving 139.73 KB       0.00%
56713727820156410577229101238628035242   Up     Normal  697.41 GB       33.33%

What are my choices here, how do I clean up the ring? The other 2 nodes show
the ring fine (not even aware of 189)


On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 11:53 AM, Anand Somani <> wrote:

> ok I will go with the IP change strategy and keep you posted. Not going to
> manually copy any data, just bring up the node and let it bootstrap.
> Thanks
> On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 11:46 AM, Peter Schuller <
>> wrote:
>> > (Yes, this should definitely be easier. Maybe the most generally
>> > useful fix would be for Cassandra to support a node joining the wring
>> > in "write-only" mode. This would be useful in other cases, such as
>> > when you're trying to temporarily off-load a node by dissabling
>> > gossip).
>> I knew I had read discussions before:
>> --
>> / Peter Schuller (@scode on twitter)

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