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From Boris Yen <>
Subject inconsistent counter value?
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2011 07:38:41 GMT
I posted a comment for Cassandra-3006 after 0.8.4 is released, but it seems
not be noticed there, so I re-post here, wondering if anyone could help.
Follow the same steps posted on Cassandra-3006, after step 11, I check the
counter on .152, the counter values changes from 1001 to 200. And then I
follow the steps 12 and 13. The counter value of .151 is still 1001, but the
counter value of .152 is still 200. After  changing the consistencylevel to
quorum and do the read again, this time the counter value of .152 became
I am kind of confused, because at step 10, I can get 1001 on both nodes, how
come the value of .152 changes to 200 when .151 is down. Is this the right
behavior of current design?


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