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From Boris Yen <>
Subject nodetool repair does not return...
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 11:23:41 GMT

In our testing environment, we got two nodes with RF=2 running 0.8.4. We
tried to test the repair functions of cassandra, however, every once a
while, the "nodetool repair" never returns. We have checked the system.log,
nothing seems to be out of ordinary, no errors, no exceptions. The data is
only 50 mb, and it is consistently updated.

Shutting down one node during the repair process could cause similar
symptom. So, our original thought is that maybe one of the TreeRequest is
not sent to the other node correctly, that might cause the repair to run
forever. However, I did not see any relative log msg to support that. I am
kind of running out of idea about this... Does anyone also has this problem?


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