When you say using CassandraServer do you mean an embedded cassandra server ? What process did you use to add the Keyspaces ? Adding a KS via the thrift API should take care of everything.

The simple test is stop the server and the clients, start the server again and see if the KS is defined by using nodetool cfstats. 

Aaron Morton
Freelance Cassandra Developer

On 4 Jul 2011, at 22:28, Vivek Mishra wrote:

I know, I might be missing something here.
I am currently facing 1 issue.


I have 2 cassandra clients(1. Using CassandraServer 2. Using Cassandra.Client) running connecting to same host.


I have created Keyspace K1, K2 using client1(e.g. CassandraServer), but somehow those keyspaces are not available with Client2(e.g. Cassandra.Client).


I have also tried by flusing StorageService.instance.ForceFlush to tables. But that also didn’t work.




Any help/Suggestion?


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