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From Yan Chunlu <>
Subject node repair eat up all disk io and slow down entire cluster(3 nodes)
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2011 08:44:09 GMT
at the beginning of using cassandra, I have no idea that I should run "node
repair" frequently, so basically, I have 3 nodes with RF=3 and have not run
node repair for months, the data size is 20G.

the problem is when I start running node repair now, it eat up all disk io
and the server load became 20+ and increasing, the worst thing is, the
entire cluster has slowed down and can not handle request. so I have to stop
it immediately because it make my web service unavailable.

the server has Intel Xeon-Lynnfield 3470-Quadcore [2.93GHz] and 8G memory,
with Western Digital WD RE3 WD1002FBYS SATA disk.

I really have no idea what to do now, as currently I have already found some
data loss, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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