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From Nikolai Kopylov <>
Subject deletion questions
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 13:56:15 GMT
Hello, I'm trying to use Cassandra 0.8.1 as a media storage where
the stored items have some TTL.
So that I need to somehow delete and purge obsoleted items. I've played with
deletion columns
from db by using Thift  CassandraClient::remove call, but faced with the
problem that sstable files
become too big and I had to give Cassandra up to 100% more disk space only
for the compation process
to succeed. This is a point because I'm calculating the total disks capacity
and the data stored in column is not less than 8GB.
So for now I should build 16TB volumes, not less.
According to the above I can outline two questions.
1. Is it possible to reorganize compaction process so that the compaction
result would be not one but several files with the size upper-limited
with some parameter with default value of, say, 4GB?
2. Trying to reduce disk occupation I deleted CF which used 90% of available
space. After issuing a "drop column family User;" command
 no *User*.db files were deleted. "nodetool compact" haven't helped too. How
can that deletion be triggered?

WBR, Nikolay

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