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From Sameer Farooqui <>
Subject Is there a way to read a Double value from the CLI?
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:16:13 GMT
I wrote some data to a standard column family (using Hector) with ASCII
row-key, Long column name and Double column value.

The CLI doesn't seem to have a double data type to interpret the column
value for display.

[default@DemoKS] get DemoCF[ascii('ABC_100000000020')][long(20090101000000)]
as LongType;
=> (column=0000124597556740, value=4629084924887308954,

But that value is not exactly correct. It should be: 29.813332976331914

This is how I do the read in Hector:

        ColumnQuery<String, Long, Double> columnQuery =
HFactory.createColumnQuery(keyspace, ss, ls, ds);


        QueryResult<HColumn<Long, Double>> result = columnQuery.execute();

        System.out.println("Query result: " + result.get());

Is there a equivalent for that in Cassandra CLI?

- Sameer

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