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From H├ęctor Izquierdo Seliva <>
Subject Re: Anyone using Facebook's flashcache?
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 22:45:29 GMT

> Of course.  I wasn't thinking clearly.
> So, back to a previous point you brought up, I will have heavy reads and 
> even heavier writes.  How would you rate the benefits of flashcache in 
> such a scenario?  Is it still an overall performance boost worth the 
> expense?

We have also heavy reads and even heavier writes. The max hit ratio I
saw was of ~60%, altought it was enough to halve the latency, which is a
fairly good result. I guess you will have to try it for yourself. I'm
sorry I can not give you anything more concrete.

We have moved since to host all the data on ssds, as it's not that
expensive anymore and the results are much much better. You can get
320GB drives from OCZ for ~500$, or do a stripe with three 120GB ones
for ~700$.

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