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Subject Re: faster ByteBuffer comparison
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2011 15:14:48 GMT
Quoting Yang <>:

I'd guess that getLong() is not faster because get() probably already benefits
from processor cache etc.

There are two concrete subclasses of ByteBuffer that implement get() -
HeapByteBuffer and DirectByteBuffer (for mapped memory).

It might be possible to optimise the comparison a little for the case where two
HeapByteBuffers are being compared - you could create a subclass with a
compareUnsigned method that directly accesses the byte[] in ByteBuffer, rather
than calling get().

However, you'd need to check how often this case occurs, and then benchmark
whether it really is any faster - Hotspot may optimise the current code well
enough that it makes little difference.

Optimising DirectByteBuffer comparisons, or a mixture of HeapByteBuffer and
DirectByteBuffer, looks unpromising, as DirectByteBuffer uses non-public
classes like sun.misc.Unsafe.

> I can see from profiling that a lot of the time in both reading and writing
> are spend on ByteBuffer compare on the column names (for long rows with many
> columns)
> I looked at the ByteBufferUtil.unsignedCompareByteBuffer() , it's basically
> the same structure as standard JVM
> looping over each byte doing a ByteBuffer.get()
> is there a faster (probably hardware-based) compare ? I tried doing 8 bytes
> at a time by doing getLong() and it actually seems slower
> thanks
> Yang

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