Why do you need Solandra for storing data ? If you want to retrieve data simply use Cassandra. Solandra is for research and indexing it is a search engine. I do not recommand you to store data uniquely in a search engine.

Use the following desgin :

Store ALL data in Cassandra then extract from Cassandra only the data you need to index in Solandra. For what it matters you can use Solr instead of Solandra. In SolR you have something called schema.xml where you can set up which fields to index. My advice is do not store you passwords in plain text. Add salt (random sequence) AND hash it then insert the bytes in Cassandra. Otherwise you'll end up like Sony and a massive lawsuit when hackers will breach in your website and steal the passwords.

If you really want to use Solandra I guess there is an equivalent to the schema.xml where you have lines to tell wether or not to index some fields.

Victor Kabdebon

2011/6/4 Jean-Nicolas Boulay Desjardins <jnbdzjnbdz@gmail.com>

I am planning to use Cassandra to store my users passwords and at the same time data for my website that need to be accessible via search. My Question is should I use two DB: Cassandra (for users passwords) and Solandra (for the websites data) or can I put everything in Solandra?

Is there a way to stop Solandra from indexing my users passwords?

Thanks in advance for any help.