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From Ryan King <>
Subject Re: simple question about merged SSTable sizes
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 17:09:00 GMT
On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 10:00 AM, Jonathan Colby
<> wrote:
> Thanks for the explanation.  I'm still a bit "skeptical".
> So if you really needed to control the maximum size of compacted SSTables,  you need
to delete data at such a rate that the new files created by compaction are less than or equal
to the sum of the segments being merged.
> Is anyone else running into really large compacted SSTables that gave you trouble with
hard disk capacity?  How did you deal with it?
> We have 1 TB disks in our nodes, but keeping in mind we need to have at least 50% for
the worst case compaction scenario I'm still a bit worried that one day we're going to hit
a dead end.

You should stripe those disks together with RAID-0.


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