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From Chris Burroughs <>
Subject Re: OOM (or, what settings to use on AWS large?)
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 22:09:51 GMT
On 06/22/2011 08:53 AM, Sasha Dolgy wrote:
> Yes ... this is because it was the OS that killed the process, and
> wasn't related to Cassandra "crashing".  Reviewing our monitoring, we
> saw that memory utilization was pegged at 100% for days and days
> before it was finally killed because 'apt' was fighting for resource.
> At least, that's as far as I got in my investigation before giving up,
> moving to 0.8.0 and implementing 24hr nodetool repair on each node via
> far ... no problems.

In `free` terms, by pegged do you mean that free "Mem" was 0, or "-/+
buffers/cache" as 0?

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