Hi all,

so I just updated Cassandra from 0.7.0 to 0.7.5. I embed Cassandra in my app and use StorageProxy for querying.

In one of my unit tests I write a column to Cassandra and then read it out again twice in quick succession. The second time I now get the same ByteBuffer (i.e. same id - same 'physical' HeapByteBuffer) as the first call. But as I have consumed this, the position == capacity.

I have fixed this in my code by simply using ByteBuffer#duplicate, however I'm concerned that caching may have changed between versions and want to know what the implications of that change may be.

So my questions are:

1) is the Row Cache now enabled by default?
2) or is there now some other form of caching that is causing this to happen that I should be aware of?

We're pretty close to deploying into production when we came across a critical bug in 0.7.0 (infinite loop in HashMap) which means we have to upgrade but I'm concerned that the changes mean our load/stress tests will not be valid so just need some info to put my mind at ease!

Many thanks,


Paul Loy