Hello Eric,

Compound columns seem to be a very interesting feature. Do you have any idea in which Cassandra version it is going to be introduced : 0.8.X or 0.9.X ?



2011/5/5 Eric Evans <eevans@rackspace.com>
On Thu, 2011-05-05 at 18:19 +0800, Guofeng Zhang wrote:
> I read the CQL v1.0 document. There are operations about column
> families, but it does not describe how to operate on super column
> families. Why? Does this mean that super column families would not be
> supported by CQL in this version? Will it be supported in the future?

No CQL will never support super columns, but later versions (not 1.0.0)
will support compound columns.  Compound columns are better; instead of
a two-deep structure, you can have one of arbitrary depth.

What you see is what you get for 1.0.0, there simply wasn't enough time
to do everything (you have to start somewhere).

Eric Evans