On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 12:06 PM, David Boxenhorn <david@taotown.com> wrote:
I guess I'm still feeling fuzzy on this because my actual use-case isn't so black-and-white. I don't have any CFs that are accessed purely, or even mostly, in once-through batch mode. What I have is CFs with more and less data, and CFs that are accessed more and less frequently.

I figured that was the case; the black-and-white CFs just make easier examples.  Back at the beginning of the thread, I recommend merging CFs that have similar data "shapes" and highly correlated access patterns.  For example, if you had two CFs, "user profile" and "group profile", that both had fixed-length rows and tended to both be read for some type of operations, those would be a good candidate for merging.  Just take the ideas from the black-and-white examples and apply them in a more nuanced way.

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