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From Sasha Dolgy <>
Subject cascading failures due to memory
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 10:01:53 GMT
hi everyone,

the current nodes i have deployed (4) have all been working fine, with
not a lot of data ... more reads than writes at the moment.  as i had
monitoring disabled, when one node's OS killed the cassandra process
due to out of memory problems ... that was fine.  24 hours later,
another node, 24 hours later, another node ...until finally, all 4
nodes no longer had cassandra running.

When all nodes are started fresh, CPU utilization is at about 21% on
each box.  after 24 hours, this goes up to 32% and then 51% 24 hours

originally I had thought that this may be a result of 'nodetool
repair' not being run consistently ... after adding a cronjob to run
every 24 hours (staggered between nodes) the problem of the increasing
memory utilization does not resolve.

i've read the operations page and also the page.  i am
running defaults and 0.7.6-02 ...

what are the best places to start in terms of finding why this is
happening?  CF design / usage?  'nodetool cfstats' gives me some good
info ... and i've already implemented some changes to one CF based on
how it had ballooned (too many rows versus not enough columns)

suggestions appreciated

Sasha Dolgy

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