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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: Finding big rows
Date Tue, 10 May 2011 22:28:31 GMT
I'm not aware of anything to find the row sizes, and your code looks like a good approach.
Converting the key bytes to a string only makes sense if your app is doing the same thing.

In the cli try using one of the data type functions to format the key the same way as your
app is, e.g. get FooCF[utf8('my-key')]

The main limitation on Super Columns is that Sub columns are not indexed
If you have a huge row use the get_slice() api call to get back slices of columns. The cli
does not support slicing columns. 

Hope that helps. 
Aaron Morton
Freelance Cassandra Developer

On 10 May 2011, at 20:41, Meler Wojciech wrote:

> Hello,
> I’ve noticed very nice stats exposed with JMX. I was quite shocked when I saw that
MaxRowSize was about 400MB (it was expected to be several MB).
> What is the best way to find keys of such big rows?
> I couldn’t find anything so I’ve written simple program to dump sizes from Index
files (see attachment),
> and got the keys, but when I used cassandra-cli to get such columns it said „Returned
0 results.”.
> I’ve realised that my app creates such big rows because it can’t read them from Cassandra
and recreates them every time.
> Are there any tuneable limits for getting whole row?  Any limits on supercolumns?
> Regards,
> Wojtek
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