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From Gabriel Tataranu <>
Subject Re: Excessive allocation during hinted handoff
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 15:46:36 GMT

> The number of Completed HH tasks is interesting. AFAIK a task is started when the node
detects another in the cluster has returned. Were you doing some other restarts around the
cluster ?

Not at all. The restarts seem to happen as normal operation.

> I don't want to divert from the GC issue, just wondering if something else is going on
as well.  Like the node is been asked to record a lot of hints. 

NP, this is another issue that a bit weird. Nodes goes MIA and then
return few seconds latter. Not sure why.

In other news, I've discovered than one  of the nodes had some
corruption in one of the SSTables - some 1TB record. I'm looking into
cleaning up the data and monitoring the nodes.


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