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From Rauan Maemirov <>
Subject Determining the issues of marking node down
Date Sat, 30 Apr 2011 10:14:27 GMT
I have a test cluster with 3 nodes, earlier I've installed OpsCenter to
watch my cluster. Every day I see, that the same one node goes down (at
different time, but every day). Then I just run `service cassandra start` to
fix that problem. system.log doesn't show me anything strange. What are the
steps to determine issues? I didn't change logging properties (and
cassandra.yaml is not far away from the default), so maybe there must be
some options to be switched to debug?

Btw, the node that goes down is the most loaded (in storage capacity). Maybe
the problem is in OPP?
Once I've ran loadbalance command and it changed token for the first node
from 0 to one of the keys (without touching another 2, I've generated tokens

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