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From Tomas Vondra>
Subject Re: multiple nodes sharing the same IP
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2011 14:42:42 GMT
Dne 23.4.2011 10:15, Maki Watanabe napsal(a):
> storage_port: Used for Gossip and Data exchange. So in your word, it
> is the port for the seeds.
> You CAN change the storage_port, but all nodes in your ring need to
> use same storage_port number.
> That's why you need different IP address for each node.

Oh, I see. So if the nodes can't use different storage ports, then it's
obvious why it's not needed to specify a port for seeds (there's only
one possible value, shared by all the nodes). I don't see a reason for
this restriction, but it explains the need for multiple IPs.

> rpc_port: Used for Thrift which the Cassandra clients connect to.
> I can't understand why you can't change rpc_port.

That statement (I've mixed rpc and storage port in my previous post) was
based on the logic that if you can't specify a port for a seed, you
can't actually change it. I didn't know all the nodes need to share the
same storage port, which means you don't need to specify the port
because it's equal to the port for the new node.


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