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From "Desimpel, Ignace" <>
Subject RE: Different result after restart
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 13:19:56 GMT


Already found out what the problem was. I was using an AbstractType
comparator for a column family. That code was changing the given
ByteBuffer position and was not supposed to do that (Hinted by Sylvain
Lebresne !).

Anyway, after correcting that problem I got back the results as before.
Still don't grasp how this relates to the restart of the server, but
I'am happy as is.


Thanks very much Aaron!





From: aaron morton [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: Different result after restart


Checking the simple things first, are you using the
o.a.c.service.EmbeddedCassandraService or  the o.a.c.EmbeddedServer in
the unit test directory ? The later deletes data, but it does not sound
like you are using it.


When the server starts it should read any commit logs, roll them forward
and then flush all the changes to SSTables. Which will result in the log
files been deleted from disk, and you should see INFO level log messages
that say "Discarding obsolete commit log:..."


Do you get new SSTables written at start up ? 


If you wanted to confirm the data was there take a look at


Hope that helps. 





On 20 Apr 2011, at 23:00, Desimpel, Ignace wrote:

Cassandra version 0.7.4




I'm storing (no deletion) in a small test some records to an embedded
Cassandra instance.

Then I connect using Thrift and I can retrieve the data as excepted.


Then I restart the server with the embedded Cassandra, reconnect using
Thrift but now the same query gives me no results at all.

After restart the commitlog directory get cleared leaving only a small
log and a small log.header file. The data directory for the keyspace is
still present together with the db files corresponding the column

Any idea what I would be doing wrong here?





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