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From Shalom <>
Subject Cassandra Database Modeling
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:01:33 GMT
I would like to save statistics on 10,000,000 (ten millions) pairs of
particles, how they relate to one another in any given space in time.

So suppose that within a total experiment time of T1..T1000 (assume that T1
is when the experiment starts, and T1000 is the time when the experiment
ends) I would like, per each pair of particles, to measure the relationship
between every Tn -- T(n+1) interval:

T1..T2 (this is the first interval)





T9,999,999..T10,000,000 (this is the last interval)

For each such a particle pair (there are 10,000,000 pairs) I would like to
save some figures (such as distance, angel etc) on each interval of [
Tn..T(n+1) ]

Once saved, the query I will be using to retrieve this data is as follows:
"give me all particle pairs on time interval [ Tn..T(n+1) ] where the
distance between the two particles is smaller than X and the angle between
the two particles is greater than Y". Meaning, the query will always take
place for all particle pairs on a certain interval of time.

How would you model this in Cassandra, so that the writes/reads are
optimized? given the database size involved, can you recommend on a suitable
solution? (I have been recommended to both MongoDB / Cassandra).

I should mention that the data does change often -- we run many such
experiments (different particle sets / thousands of experiments) and would
need a very decent performance of reads/writes.

Is Cassandra suitable for this time of work?

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