We're running 0.7.0, and we want to upgrade to 0.7.3 ASAP. 

This worked in our RPM SPEC file with 0.7.0:
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/latest
ant clean jar -Drelease=true

Now running "ant jar" throws some kind of build.xml error at line 155 - typedef is undefined. I'm running ant 1.6.5-2jpp.2 that comes with CentOS 5.5. Unfortunately, I'm no Ant expert, so I'm stumped. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks for your help.
BTW, I grabbed the tarball from http://apache.org/dist/cassandra/0.7.3/, since the mirrors didn't have it. I hope it was ok to get this one.

[paulchoi@build02 apache-cassandra-0.7.3-src]$ ant jar
Buildfile: build.xml

     [echo] Downloading Maven ANT Tasks...
    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/paulchoi/rpm/SOURCES/apache-cassandra-0.7.3-src/build
      [get] Getting: http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/maven/maven-ant-tasks/2.1.1/maven-ant-tasks-2.1.1.jar
      [get] To: /home/paulchoi/rpm/SOURCES/apache-cassandra-0.7.3-src/build/maven-ant-tasks-2.1.1.jar

    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/paulchoi/rpm/SOURCES/apache-cassandra-0.7.3-src/build/lib

/home/paulchoi/rpm/SOURCES/apache-cassandra-0.7.3-src/build.xml:155: name, file or resource attribute of typedef is undefined

Total time: 1 second
[paulchoi@build02 apache-cassandra-0.7.3-src]$